Holiday Self-Pity Song


“And the distance between my loved ones and me

Is uglier than a government.”

—Mourid Barghouti, I Saw Ramallah


Dogs of Hebron

The sunset out there is really something else—all pink and fluffy-like—but I'd have to stand up and step outside to photograph it, so here instead is Shuhada Street. Once the city's busiest shopping district, it has been closed to Palestinians—and only Palestinians—since 2000. Which leaves soldiers, settlers, and foreigners. And dogs. There were maybe nine in this pack. They crossed the street when I got close. At night I could hear them barking, fighting, howling. 

View from a Jerusalem gas station: greetings from the omphalos


Is the desolation of the land the result of the fatal embrace of the Deity? Hapless are the favorites of Heaven…”

—Herman Melville, Journal of a Visit to Europe and the Levant


Saturday Stroll

Forgive the photo quality. Batteries dead in the real camera and I keep dropping the damn phone. I took this in the southeast corner of Evergreen Cemetery, just behind the fence from the county crematorium (the white building with the chimney in the background) and the mass graves of LA's indigent dead. The assembled toys and Halloween decorations surrounded the lonely grave of a five-year-old-boy who passed away in September 1966. "Party's This Way!" says the sign on the fence.



"For I think, verily, that there are degrees of merit in subjects—in spite of the fact that to treat even one of the most ambiguous with due decency we must for the time, for the feverish and prejudiced hour, at least figure its merit and its dignity as possibly absolute."

—Henry James, preface to The Ambassadors