Ducks in Hebron, more from Shklovsky

“If one can say that imagination is better than reality, art is even better because it’s the dream of every structure’s collapse and at the same time the dream of the construction of new structures.”

—from Serena Vitale, Shklovsky: Witness to an Era



Burin, Nablus District, February 2, 2013

I didn't get the angle right for perfect triangulation, but if you can't tell: the soldier is taking photos with his IDF-issued iPhone. A minute earlier he was photographing me. The tear gas came later.


I have found the most beautiful ATM in the world



Hey you


Hey you!
How am I supposed to talk to you, or with you or about you?
Should I tell stories you already know, or be silent and let you go wherever it is you go? I come close to you, walking on tiptoe so as not to wake you, and then I laugh at myself because all I want is to wake you...

—Elias Khoury, Gate of the Sun



Advice from Victor Serge


"Write down as little as possible. It's better not to write. Don't take notes on sensitive subjects; it's better to forget certain things than to put them down in writing. ... Where necessary, take notes which are intelligible only to yourself."

—from What Every Radical Should Know About State Repression